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Shhhhhh...don't startle's
Davy the Magic Squirrel!

                                                                             This is for you, Kate--Whoa, Tex!

Get a load of them big brown eyes!

Please, tread softly around our tree, for it is the residence of one of our favorite cyber-critters, the reclusive Davy, Magic Squirrel. The origins of Davy are mysterious, but rumor has it he is a relation of the Amazing Jumping Campus Squirrel upon which this next story, artfully penned by my brilliant LilSisLisa, is loosely based. Davy lives in the lower branches of the tree, and for those nimble enough to climb up there he makes a wonderful confidante. If you're lucky, he may even sing for you...

Davy's Deep Thoughts

And now...
The Mostly Fictional Adventure Of Davy the Squirrel
Trouble in the Sunken Gardens

By LilSisLisa

It was a warm early September day on the campus of William and Mary. The stately brick buildings sat basking on their soft, rolling hills, and the tall rigid trees sent their leaves upward, soaking in the heavenly warmth while they could, for they knew they soon would be fading through the door into autumn. All the squirrels were running about, leaping from limb to limb, gathering nuts and other good things to bury and forget where they are for the long winter months ahead.

One particular squirrel did not want to work. He would much rather frolic and romp around in the sun and play his tambourine.

It was this particular day the students were just starting classes. They all carried many cumbersome books and were ready to spend another year, studying late nights and missing their mommies, which is what college is all about. One of these students just happened to be a young girl named Theresa, who was wandering the campus. This was Theresa's first whole year away from her dear, sweet mommy who baked her cookies, helped her up when she was down, kept a tidy household, and forced her to practice piano against her will for ten years. Theresa happened to inherit her dear, sweet mother's sense of direction and was terribly lost.

"Oh dear!" she said, perplexed.

The squirrel happened to see her while he was on one of his romping, tambourine playing adventures. She looked friendly enough, with her short, curly, brown locks that made a halo around her face. She appeared cheerful, though a bit confused. The squirrel approached her timidly, so he wouldn't scare her away.

She spotted him and smiled at the little, gray squirrel. Her large, brown eyes beamed.

"Hello, squirrel!" she said, with a merry sound in her voice. The squirrel fluffed his tail in greeting.

"My name is Theresa. What's yours?"

The little squirrel's heart sank.

"Oh, you don't have a name? Well, I'll have to give you one. Lets see...hmmmm, you're small, cute, play the tambourine... Davy! I'll call you Davy!"

The little Squirrel fluffed his tail in delight. He liked that name.

From then on, Davy and Theresa were fast friends. Theresa would always call to him on her way to class and often joined him on his joyous romps. She would sing while Davy skillfully accompanied her on the tambourine.

One day Theresa was running through the Sunken Gardens, which is not really a garden but is just a field that you have to take stairs to get to, singing "I Wanna Be Free," which is a dreadfully daring thing to do, when suddenly she took a awful spill and scraped her knee. Davy, who was in the middle of one of his three hour tambourine practice sessions, saw this and ran to her in alarm.

"Davy, is that you?" she inquired meekly. Davy clutched her thumb.

"I've fallen, and I can't get up."

Davy dashed off in alarm without a second to spare.

"Be careful, Davy!"

Davy turned around and looked deep into her pained eyes reassuringly, as if to say, "Don't worry, Theresa. I won't get hurt." in a British accent.

In a flash, Davy hurriedly ran into a brick building, scampered up several flights of stairs, and ran into Theresa's dorm where her roommate, Anna, was lying on the floor listening to Celtic music. Davy leapt upon her head and she let out a scream. Leah, Anna and Theresa's wacky neighbor, dashed into the room to see what the problem was.

"That squirrel leapt upon my head!" yelped Anna.

"Oh." said Leah.

She turned to leave when Anna said, "Wait, I think he's trying to tell us something! What is it squirrel?"

Davy was jumping around making squirrel noises and Leah tried to interpret.

"Trouble? Trouble in the sunken gardens?...Theresa fell while singing 'I Wanna Be Free?"

Anna grabbed Leah by the wrist and yelled, "Lead the way, Squirrel!" and out the door they went.

They reached the Sunken Gardens, out of breath.

"I hope we're not too late!" Anna said, breathless. Davy led them to the place where Theresa lay in a pale heap.

"Oh no!" gasped Anna.

Leah reached into her pocket and pulled out a Sesame Street Band-Aid (those make EVERYONE feel better!) and placed it on her boo-boo. Immediately, Theresa's color was restored and she felt better.

"How are you? Are you okay?" Leah asked.

"Just swell! Thank you for the Sesame Street Band-Aid." Theresa answered.

"Gee, we were scared!" Anna said, still shaken. "We would be too late if it wasn't for that squirrel..."

"Davy?" Theresa exclaimed, "Where is Davy?" She found him solemnly slinking away, feeling forgotten. She scooped him up in both arms and gave him a big hug.

"Thank you, Davy! Without you, I don't know where I'd be!" She kissed him on the top of his fuzzy little head. He fluffed his tail in delight, and beneath his fur he blushed.

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