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True, it's not exactly like talking to the Monkees, but hey, use your imaginations. Most of these wavs I made myself, some with a little help from my friends...

crash.wav 273KB From Justus, Micky's immortal: "I forgot the crash at the end!"
suck.wav 704KB "Quick, suck it before the venom reaches my heart."
"Okay, I will"
mlkshak.wav 160KB From Peter's solo album, Stranger Things Have Happened: Peter, Micky and Mike on "Milkshake."
tema.wav 496KB A clip from "Tema Dei Monkees"...The Monkees Theme in Italian!
joeporp.wav 455KB PinkCarpetPerson's amazing piano improv of "Porpoise Song."
free.wav 277KB Vanity wav! J.T.'s acapella version of "I Wanna Be Free."