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I'd like to send out some major {{{{{CyberLoveVibes}}}}} to my Cyber-Sisters, Angie, Esha, Giyd, Neffie, Sarah, Sarah, Valeree, and Miki.

{{{Hugs}}} to my List Cyber-Fam, which, at this point, includes the vast majority of the list! Much love for the originals: my sisters Esha and Autumn, my cousins Moonfire(*, JudyWoz, Daydream, and Desi, and my everlovin' MommaKay!

/me waves energetically at all my list buddies!

Joe, Lisa, John, I miss you guys! I Monkee-walk with you in spirit!

Big smiles and thanks go to SuperAnnaTheWonderRoommate!
(who loves to see her name in HTML!)
No one else could tolerate me like you can!
"It's like vaudeville!"

Last, but never least…
Joy, you are my best friend, now and always.
"In my life, I loved you more."

There is no such thing as a foolish dream.

Much love,