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Words of Wisdom
Davy the Magic Squirrel

From his perch in the tree branches, Davy sees all, and understands more than one would expect. Like pilgrims to a mountaintop, many have visited Davy's leafy kingdom and returned with their minds and souls enriched by his gentle philosophy. Has our fuzzy guru enlightened you recently? Please, share with us what you have learned!

Recently, Moonfire(* was sitting, pensive, underneath the tree, when she thought she heard a sweet voice singing. She had never heard the song before, but she transcribed it as best she could, and shares it here, in the hopes that others will be as moved by Davy's lament as she was.

"The Ceiling In My Room"

I'm a millionaire
without a care in the world.
I've played the game.
I've made the grade.
I've shown them all.
I'm a teenage idol,
Just starting a tune.
No, it's just the ceiling in my room.

I've got more friends
then I've ever had before.
But are all these friends
like the ones I'm looking for?
Hey look there's my old schoolmates.
They're knocking at my backdoor.
Oh, no. It's just the ceiling in my room.

If I could only be part of the things that I see
I'd trade all the wealth and fame
you've given to me.
I want to be free.

But no matter what
the future may bring,
I will always remember
Just one simple thing:
That when the visions contain only gloom,
I know it's just the ceiling in my room.