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Jeweled Trav'ler/Theresa

This is me, but I don't think I'm usually this scary.

I was born in a garbage barge on the upper Volga . . .

Actually, that's not true. I was really born in Camp Pendelton, California, to a couple of very wacky but very loving parents. My brother Joe (alias PinkCarpetPerson) was born a year and a half after me. Fortunately, I was already mature enough to raise him. From the baby pictures (including one of Joe generously bedaubed with watercolor paints, proving that I was into body art before it became hip again) it seems like we had a great time. We still have great time.

Joe and J.T. backstage after
Joe and J.T. backstage after "The King and I" Check out his shiny pants!

My LilSisLisa (alias Zilco or LilSisLisa) was born when I was four. My memory of our early relationship is fuzzy; I seem to remember thinking that she was unnaturally red and much too noisy. After nearly fourteen years, the redness has gone down a bit but she still is capable of waking the neighbors. Nevertheless, Lisa is still my pride and joy.

My family moved to Virginia when I was seven, and we've been living there since. John was our first and only East Coast edition, he was born on the Marine Corps birthday ten years ago, in the midst of an early snowstorm. John has grown up to be "the sensible one" in our crazy, Von Trapp-esque family. He's going to be a scientist when he grows up, capable of financially supporting his out-of-work starving-artist big sister!

Right now I'm eighteen and a student at the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia. I'm a drama freak by choice and a humanities nerd by nature…or maybe it's the other way around? any case, I'm sure we'll soon be having an on-line "Pick Theresa's Major" contest. My Monkees fanaticism is a relatively new development, completing my Fetish Trifecta of Monkees, Muppets, and Sondheim (eclectic, oui?).

I've been an on-line Monkees fan for several months now. I have met so many wonderful, intelligent, caring people though my netscapades that I decided to put up this web page as a kind of tribute to them, their creativity, and their cyber-solidarity!

Love and Assorted Charming Non-Sequiturs ,

Jeweled Trav'ler


"Blessings unto the world of man; A child shall be born unto them."

Guess that's why I'm here, huh? I came into this world one early Monday morning on August 13th as Corinne Heather (the name is from the t.v. series "Soap" and my doctor, Heather.) Groovy, huh? The 13th...

It's very likely that my Monkeelove is innate, in my genes, or at least developed in the womb. Yes, I became a second generation Monkees fan, thanks to my supporters and fellow Monkee-lover, my Mom. I became a diehard OohDavy when I met him at his book-signing at the Disney Village. I was all of eight and totally in love! I think it is because of Davy that I have an interest in England, horses, little Manchester terriers, British comedies in general, and the name David. (You know you watch too much Monkees when: you plan to name your children Micky, Davy, Peter, and/or Mike. I've always like David Michael, myself.)

Nowadays, I trod along as an English major at a small Florida private college. The very first week of September, I was lucky enough to become part of a Monkees mailing list, aka my extended family. Hooray! Now I am surrounded by fellow Monkee appreciators, and I have gained the best cyber-family out there. Dragon Ladies kick butt!!!! TheresaCoz and I reunited at this level. I say that, because, we must have been seprated... what are the chances of two zany, petite, creative people with Monkeelove inside *NOT* being related to each other?!?

Honestly, though, I love all the Guys. I would particularly love to meet Peter someday, since he seems like the most down-to-earth guy. Besides, we were both born in Washington, D.C., we both have the same eye color, used to have the same hair color, and we have each other's 1/2 birthdays! (his birthday being February 13 and mine being August 13).

For my outlook on life, I'd like to combine two Nez tunes as I am Crusin' through each day: " I've got five million dreams. As long as I can keep moving, I guess I'll keep up with the scene" all while I hope to "promote a dream somewhere along the way."

Coco Shorty Blackhawk

Named primarily by J.T., Coco is the most gorgeous kitty this side of Monkee cyberdom! Moonfire(* found her stuck up in the Tree, long before we constructed the Tree House. She is a hypoallergenic, short-haired feline with out-of-Africa leopard spots. Her preferred pastimes lean more to assuming artistically nonchalant poses on beanbag chairs and countertops than to chasing cyber-mice and the Davy squirrels, but put the Monkees on the telly, and she's one captivated kitten! She's particularly affectionate towards Micky and Mike, which we like to attribute to her exceptional taste, though it may be more a feline fascination with the fringe on Micky's rug and the pom-pom on the woolhat!

Mikey the Wonderpup

Mikey is our resident Pool and Pool House Guard Dog. This excitable lab is a fully certified lifeguard (nifty, huh?). He originally came as a gift courtesy of Mr. Davy Jones himself . . . Well, okay, the young Davy presented Moonfire(* with the pup one sunny afternoon in a very pleasant dream she had. Of course, Davy never named him Mikey, but we figured that's what the little guy looked like. J.T. is currently trying to knit him a wool hat, and both Pool House mistresses are attempting to get his rambunctiousness under control. Particularly in the housebreaking department! Mikey is a good-tempered and playful pup that leans towards Torkaholicism and OohDavyism. Meaning that he drools all over their beaded moccasins!

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